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For a limited time, PoseAmation 1 - BVH version, will be offered for a special of only $48.35 for a limited time for this version! Click here to order now!

Here is a quick overview of the benefits and features:

PoseAmation 1 - BVH version Overview:

Want the quality of PoseAmation but you're using software other than Poser? If your app can read BVH motion capture data, than this is a collection that you can't pass up! The BVH version of PoseAmation 1 contains all of the animated scene files contained in the Poser version at 10, 24 and 30 frames per second. No jitters to clean up, no twisted limbs to sort out. Just import it and go! PoseAmation scenes are 100% hand keyframed so you don't have to worry about sluggish live action timing dragging down your scene. Perfect for games, animated films, walk-throughs and a million other uses, PoseAmation BVH files give you a lot of bang for the buck. Used in conjunction with Motion Builder or Life Forms, PoseAmation BVH files can be converted into virtually any format you could ever need.PoseAmation 1 General Animation contains all 98 animated scenes from:
- Men's Action Pack
- Men's Walks and Runs
- Women's Action Pack
- Women's Walks and Runs
- Men's Walks and Runs
- Men's Walks and Runs
- P4 Horse Gallop
Try the free trial version first, or click here for pricing/to purchase a full version! Order by phone, fax, cheque, money order, or order securely online!

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